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What is Buyer Protection?

Buyer Protection is a set of guarantees that enables buyer to shop with confidence on our websites;

 1.The item you ordered did not arrive within the time provided by the seller

 2.The item you received was not as described

3.The item you received that was assured to be the genuine was fake.

How can I book product?

Hello, You can book your product by texting us on Facebook and Instagram.
You can book product through our website too.
We will ask you some certain information so that it will be easier for
us to book your product officially.

3.How long it take time to deliver inside Nepal?

Hi, It really depends upon the location but we will
Ship your product with the fastest shipping agency
in Nepal. Our estimated time to deliver inside Nepal
is 5 days but if we are unable to deliver your
product inside 5 days we have got refund policy
service for our lovely customer.

4.Can I pay through E sewa, IME and Khalti?

Hi, of course we have the following online payment gateway
service for our customer but if you want to checkout from social media platform you should contact us before paying through
Online payment service please let us now before
so that it would be easier for both of us.

5.Is this chargeable?

It does come with a car plug in, it is not rechargeable from a battery stand point.

6.Can you manually set the temperature?

No, there’s no thermostat or temperature settings.

7.Is it wireless?
No. Plug in. 

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