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10L Mirror Portable Mini Fridge / Warmer

Rs9,000.00 Rs12,000.00
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It's Main Features: 

A.❄️Instant & Constant Cooling: it can instantly cool its inner temperature to 22℃ that is perfect for the preservation of cosmetics and normal foods.

B.🔥Additional Heating Function: It can also heat up the temperature rapidly to up to 65F for you to keep the food warm.

C.🪞A Mirror & A Light: With a built-in mirror glass door and a ring light around its edge, you can simply take out the cosmetics from the fridge and apply makeup in front of it.

D.🎒Portable to carry: it is small in size and you can take everywhere.

E.🤫Silent Operation: DC brushless motor is used to operate the fridge without causing any noticeable noise.

1. Save your Skincare Products.🧴💄

☞  Did you know? Your 60% of Cosmetics are whether being expire fast or not giving the sparkle that you wanted on your face. Temperature plays a vital role in your skin care product so mini fridge is exactly born to take care your expensive product with balanced temperature  that is needed for it.

2.Both Hot & Cold Option.🔥

☞  A warning function can be switch in sec easily and can warm normally your snacks too.The maximum temperature rises to ≈65℃. Pre-cool/heat your items to help the equipment reach the minimum/maximum temperature as quickly as possible.


3.Have Stock Drinks and Chocolate.🍫🍾

☞It is applicable for Beverage, tea, drugs, breast milk, beer and fruits but not applicable  for freezing foods like ice-creams, meat and sausage. Cooked meals can be stored for 5-8 hours. it doesn’t have any time of compressor so it might take sometime to make cold than household fridge.


4. Can be Mirror & Light .⚡️

☞  Not only Just a Mini Fridge but it have as power as a ringlight have. It can be your TikTok Partner for life. It have a sensor button infront of Mirror so that you can choose 3 different brightness for you makeup too.The mirror door is adapted with tempered glass material, which is scratch-free and tough enough.Easy to clean, only need a mild cleanser or damp towel to wipe the dirt off.

5. Portable & Easy.😌

☞  You can carry it anywhere you want. It is Built-in carrying belt that can bring a 8/6 liter personal refrigerator/heater to your destination without making you feel embarrassed. Small size, can be carried with you, suitable for various outdoor leisure activities, personal space, camping, etc. Cooling and heating function, wide range of uses, used to store hot beverages, hot milk, breast milk, lunch, etc.



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